Texas Music Project Brings Banjo Ukuleles to Houston


Michael Clay loves music. He plays music. He writes music. He lives music. He jams with friends. As an avid fan, he listens to performing musicians all over Texas and the USA. But most of all, he spreads the love of music to the children of Texas through the Texas Music Project. Michael Clay is TMP’s Executive Director and Co-Founder.

This summer, Michael Clay and the Texas Music Project partnered with New Zealand based BanjoUke.Kiwi to create a special tenor banjolele for the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. These unique tenor banjolele instruments were placed into the hands of the children in August of 2015, and it was love at first sound.

The Texas Music Project (TMP) has been supporting music education in Texas schools since 2003. Their primary mission, as a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to develop and produce music education programs. TMP has become a grassroots resource for students, schools and the community through partnerships with a network of music industry professionals.

TMP was created to help address the lack of funding for the arts in general and specifically music education in Texas schools and communities. Like their partners down under, they believe music has the transformative power to connect, inspire and heal. For this reason TMP created educational, instructional, and informational programs for disadvantaged groups. The Texas Music Project inspires people to follow their dreams through music.

The Texas Music Project also brings music, musical instruments and music education to the children of fallen vets. You can help support their inspirational musical efforts by donating to the Texas Music Project.