West Yorkshire, US – Feb. 3, 2016

Graham G..

Kia Ora Mecca,

Just to let you know that my Sidekick arrived at about 9.30 this morning, 3 Feb, so around a week from ordering, including a weekend – great service!

Set-up was quick and easy and your info leaflet was very helpful. I’ve tightened the tuners to within an inch of their lives and just waiting for the strings to settle down, action is fine and intonation spot on. It’s a fun little instrument and your package of extras is useful and makes it very good value. All in all, you could say I’m impressed!

Thanks again and my best wishes for your future success!


Victoria, Australia – January 27, 2016

Ben M.

Dear Ed & Mecca,

Thank you for the Sidekick Banjo Ukulele which arrived in good
order this morning.

That’s exactly seven days via China Post and Australia Post.
(I’ve known things to take ten days just from Sydney)

Most impressed by the quality of the kit that comes with it:

A properly made screwdriver! (so unusual)
A decent Tuner (with a fresh battery in a separate sealed pack).
A very decent little stand that does the job well and looks neat.
An entertaining booklet with all the essentials in it.
A good travel bag that fits well.
A clip-on strap that actually clips on (and off) easily.

All packed safely in a (much better than is usual) corrugated box.

As you can imagine I have spent most of the day bringing the SideKick up
to concert pitch – I chose A D F# B since that was described as being an
option in the documentation – didn’t want to over-stress my new instrument.

I put an extra half-turn on each of the skin tension screws to
pre-empt the slightly higher pitch and string tension needed.

A few hours later we have dropped back to g C E A and tuning has
become pretty stable considering how new it all is.
Aquila strings (or similar) help with this, imho.

Eminently playable, despite my bunch-of-banana fingers and an
unfamiliar neck. Won’t be unfamiliar for long!

Sound is spot on and boy is it ever loud.
It makes people’s eyebrows lift when I give it the gun!

The mischievous boy inside this long-retired and increasingly
arthritic body rejoices in the nuisance potential.

All in all a quality product, delivered with great efficiency.
Well done, and thank you both.

With best regards, Ben

Discovery Bay, CA, United States of America – January 7, 2016

Gerald W.

Hi Ed … I’m having a serious problem with my new Tattoo BanjoUke SideKick. I cannot play it! Why? Because I can’t get it away from my wife!

Gerald W.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – December 18, 2015

Hugh A.
Hi Ed and Mecca,

“Thanks you for helping to get the ukulele. Rather than deliver it to my work address customs had held it. So thanks for chasing that down for me. I discovered that the UAE post also has their tracking service and had I realised that earlier perhaps I could have found it myself without bothering you. Anyway just passing this on in case you have other UAE customers they may have to go to the post office rather than have it delivered to their P.O. Box.

Your set up video was great and made the whole process really easy. A beautiful sound. The best $200 I’ve spent in a long time. I can see my fingers in bits by the end of the day.”

Lovin’ the Strummin’


Porirua, New Zealand – October 11, 2015

Len F. “I wrote a few weeks ago wanting to sell off my Sidekick due to arthritis in my wrist.
There has though been a dramatic turnaround due, I’m sure, to my dogged perseverance.
So much so that the SideKick is staying. I simply left it out by the computer and found myself playing it at all different times and low and behold the dexterity re gripping and using my hand differently has paid off.
I’ve been looking for a suitable instrument for quite a while and tried quite a few.
However the SideKick has proven to fit the bill very, very well.
I just thought that you’d like to know”

Sussex, United Kingdom – September 22, 2015

Ann B. “Since buying my banjouke it has taken over from my tenor uke and even my accordion. It is a great, light weight, wonderfully toned musical instrument.

Best wishes”

Prescott Arizona, United States – September 21, 2015

Nancy G. “I get all kinds of compliments on my Banjo Uke from members of our Prescott Ukulele Guild. I took it to our annual picnic and performed with other members, using it. A member showed it to his wife. He should be ordering one from you as a birthday gift to his wife. I hope he follows through. I told her to be sure and get the Maori design.

Everyone who tries it really likes the weight.
Thanks for creating a wonderful, light weight instrument.”

Franklin, New Zealand – September 20, 2015

Marcella R. “The banjouke is going well and my self and another ukulele player have been visiting some of the local retirement homes spreading the joy and getting the oldies to join in with the singing.It is great fun and we love watching their faces light up. We have included some of the old tunes like “Blue Smoke,” ” We’ll met again” and ” Five foot Two” and they all join in with gusto. I have a tenor uke as well as the banjolele and Lynda has a baritone uke and a soprano uke.

Thank you once again and maybe sometime all us ukulele fans of varying kinds can all gather in one spot sometime and have a massive jam. Now wouldn’t THAT be fun!

Peace and Mung Beans,”

San Diego, United States – September 7, 2015

Eric A, “This has to be the very best value musical instrument I have ever bought! Got it three days ago and I can’t put it down. It sounds so tuneful and looks a million dollars.

One of the things I love about it is, even though it’s really loud, it is amazingly light. I weighed it. It’s a little under one and a half pounds – lighter even than my concert ukulele!

Speaking of size, that tenor fretboard is a dream for adult hands. I can play difficult chords (like C#m) easier than ever before. First gig on Saturday; you may get some more orders, as a result!

I totally recommend this remarkable product.”

Auckland, New Zealand – August 3, 2015

Raymond, “Your new ‘baby ‘ sounds great

I’ve got one of your earlier models and while we have a good banjo player in our Uke group our Music Director doesn’t like the two of us together as it drowns out the rest! So I don’t play it much there but occasionally pack it for a full on blast of “The Saints Go Marching In” which works a treat. Likewise I‘ve been “co-opted” to play at another resthome every Friday (if possible) and the place goes off when the same number is played on it!

They’re great little banjoes and are a fun item. Keep up the good work!”

Dorset, United Kingdom – July 29, 2015

Adrian D, “Today’s my birthday (69, if you must know) and I was allowed to open up the package. The instrument is beautiful. My non-musical family gasped in admiration when I took it out of its case.

I’m having fun bedding in the friction keys – feel like a proper luthier – and I was very proud to be able to set the bridge by ear, using the octave and then checking the measurement, which was spot on. I must have learnt something in all these years! Tuning’s still settling in, but I can already hear the tone is going to be lovely.

The total deal is amazing, including case, tuner, strap and tools. I can not believe you make any money on this deal.

First gig on Saturday; you may get some more orders, as a result!
Thank you for building such a fine instrument.”

Bakersfield, United States – July 22, 2015

Phillip A, “Received mine and am enjoying the everything about it.

I have played for close to sixty years, having learned from my Mom who once played with the old redhead (know who that is?).

Remember it is pronounced Ookalele as there is no U in the Hawaian language. I learned this on our Hawaii cruise.”

Puyallup, Washington – July 21, 2015

George W, “SideKick Banjolele, surprise!
What a great product! First surprise was how quickly I received it; about one week after placing the order to New Zealand, it arrived in WA state. Wow! Second surprise is refuting the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Well, you get a lot more with this SideKick. It’s well made, comes with a little kit for future tuning, a chromatic tuner, a strap, and a soft-shell case—nice! Once the strings settled in, it played beautifully. Because it is a tenor size, does not mean it’s heavy, weighing in at about 1.5 lbs., very comfortable. The bridge setup is a snap, and the instructions are spot on. It took less than 5 minutes to set up. Setup you ask? I didn’t have to do a thing in respect to action. The only adjustment I made after playing it was to tighten the drum head with the key provided in the little kit—I wanted a little brighter sound. So, if you’re looking for a quality banjolele at a very affordable price—Buy One! ”

Taupo, New Zealand – June 16, 2015

Curt, “I just received my SideKick.Wow, that is all I can say… fantastic.  SideKick is a winner.  I should be able to strum a bit sometime next week and can hardly wait. Everything is in  place, product, website and endorsement. Congratulations.”

Wales, UK – June 16, 2015

Andrew, “AT FIRST – Banjouke arrived safe and sound today. I’m  so impressed by the quality of manufacture and your splendid service and hope that you thrive and prosper.

THEN – Had my BanjoUke SideKick for two days and it hasn’t left my side – hope the dog doesn’t chew it in a fit of jealousy!

Please use this message to endorse your BanjoUke – superb!”

Austin, Texas – June 16, 2015


Winnetka – June 16, 2015

Tony, “Just letting you know that the BanjoUke is very happy up here in the States.  It tuned up easily; I tightened the head a bit, and it sounds great.

I love playing it.  Just jammed I’m a Believer (N. Diamond/Monkeys) and it rocked.

Thanks again for making such a cool and affordable ax.”

Ukulele Underground – May 20, 2015

Steve Z, ” happy I got the SideKick before the maker realizes the instrument is worth more…”