The Musician’s Perfect Gift

Why do you think that more players of pianos, guitars, trumpets, violins, ukuleles, etc. are buying banjo ukuleles (banjoleles) like our SideKick Banjo Uke?

It’s not only because banjoleles are simple to learn and play, using exactly the same chording as a ukulele.
– They are ideal for the professional and budding musician alike, with a loud and tuneful tone.
– The internet contains thousands of FREE ukulele (hence banjolele) tunes, song chords, YouTube tutorials and tuning devices, so aside from the cost of the instrument everything else is readily available through your keyboard.

This image is an old photograph of the New Orleans Orchestra with a Banjo Uke

Ever stop to think why all old orchestras and Big Bands had a banjo or banjolele in the mix? It was simply because, until the advent of the electrically amplified guitar, they were the only instrument with sufficient volume to be heard above the trumpets, drums, clarinets and strings. So one of the real attributes of banjoleles like the Banjo Uke SideKick is that they can jam toe to toe, unamplified, with all other instruments, including amplified.

When you’re thinking of a gift for someone who is already a musician, or aspires to be one, you can be assured that a Banjo Uke SideKick will provide hours of amazing fun and easy playing.

While it’s true that many say “I’m not musical, I could never play a banjolele,” experience has shown that the worldwide craze for these instruments is driven by people who have never picked up a musical instrument of any kind and have no initial faith they can do it.

This image is of a street sign of confusion and lost.

WITHIN MINUTES they are strumming, a stunned “Look, I’m doing it!” look on their faces. They only stay budding musicians for a micro second before they sound like they’ve been playing for years.

As for the pros, everyone from George Harrison to Eddie Vedder have played a four string, loving its simplicity and elegance. A banjolele adds a new dimension to ensemble playing and tuneful accompaniment to solo performances.

No matter what your instrument, brass, woodwind, piano, drums or your level of expertise – from nothing to OK – you’ll find a banjolele to be a totally captivating experience.

This image is of a chalkboard with the adage "You are never too old to learn" So get playing your BanjoUKE