FAQ Stringed Instruments: Banjo, Banjo Uke, Ukulele, Banjolele

How do you play a banjolele?

Easy. It plays exactly like a ukulele but sounds like a banjo. So if you’re new and need to be taught, ukulele instructions are perfect.

What is the difference between a ukulele and a banjolele?

A ukulele is a wooden instrument where the body is the part that resonates to generate the sound. A banjolele uses a drum with a vibrating head to do the same thing. Both have similar fretboards and four strings, usually tuned GCEA and are played in exactly the same way.

Is the banjolele a new instrument?

Certainly not. It’s been around for the last 80 or so years, most famously played by George Formby in the 30’s and 40’s on a soprano banjolele.

What makes a BanjoUke different?

Because the fretboard and spine are one piece, it enables us to produce an instrument that is balanced and aligned in production. The result is that the string height is always perfect and the drum is at an exact angle to the neck making playing easier.

How do I tune my BanjoUke?

Just go to “Set Up and Tuning” on http://banjouke.com/setup-and-tuning/ for instructions and video.

How do I set up my BanjoUke?

Just go to “Set Up and Tuning” on http://banjouke.com/setup-and-tuning/ for instructions and video.

What kind of strings can I use on a BanjoUke?

We prefer Aquila Nylgut ukulele strings. We discourage the use of metal banjo strings. Don’t be afraid to change and experiment with strings (try a low G – it sounds great!)

I’m left handed. How do I change the strings so I can play?

Some left handed players prefer to leave the strings as they are and just play upside down. Looks weird, but it works just fine.

Most, however, string it in reverse and play the mirror image of chords written for right-handed players.

Where can I find songs to play on a banjolele?

There are literally thousands of sites with ukulele songs and chords that are yours for free.

Two sites that we prefer are Dr Uke and Scorpex. The links are on our site.

Where can I find chords for a banjolele?

Once again there are hundreds of sites, but a really comprehensive and user-friendly one is ukebuddy.com The link is on our site.

Where can I find BanjoUke news?

We have a Facebook page which you can access from www.banjouke.kiwi

Why is the BanjoUke price the same everywhere?

We figured that with the internet being everywhere, as soon as we put up our site we were an international company. It can be a nightmare trying to figure out just how much something costs, so we thought we’d use just one price, then everyone would know from the start. Good enough for Apple, good enough for us.

How come delivery is included?

Our job is to make it as easy as possible to buy a BanjoUke, so we thought we’d absorb the ups and downs on delivery costs to different places. Also, we really didn’t like those sites that only tell you freight costs on the very last page after you’ve spent 20 minutes getting there.

Can I buy a BanjoUke at a retail outlet?

The SideKick is only available over the internet. The reason is that to maintain the very low price of this instrument there is no built-in margin for a reseller.

How long does delivery take?

It depends where in the world you are. Of one thing we can assure you – we only use known and efficient international carriers.

The tracking number will be with you the day after your order is dispatched.

My SideKick was damaged in shipping. What do I do?

Go to the Terms and Conditions for instructions and contacts. Just follow the procedures for a fast resolution.