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Take your BanjoUke Sidekick anywhere!

At only 1.5lbs (650gms), the BanjoUke Sidekick sound is loud enough for an orchestra, and convenient enough for a poolside party. Take the joy of music with you anywhere you go, the Sidekick comes with its own padded case and handy shoulderstrap.

And there’s just one price anywhere in the world — US$199 plus US$20 shipping.

Does Size Really Matter?

This image displays the size difference of a BanjoUKE, a Concert Ukulele and a Soprano Ukulele


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When it comes to shelling out money, knowing exactly what you’re buying is essential.

To the right you’ll see two ukes – the smaller ones are soprano & concert – the other is our tenor Banjo Uke SideKick.

With this view it’s easy to appreciate one from the other. But sizes alone (21”, 23”, 25”) don’t really give you the proper perspective.

Point is, you’ll see plenty of smaller instruments that cost more than our Tenor.

On the net, without the comparison, they’ll all seem to be the same size.

But beware!

The fret size makes all the difference – Tenors are soooooo much easier for your fingers to play!!

The sound difference between a ukulele and banjolele? One’s a pocket radio next to a boom box.

But it’s the tone & ease of playing, not just the volume, that makes the Banjo Uke SideKick tenors great instruments to own.

At US$199, they’re amazing value too!!

Product Specifications for the SideKick Banjo Ukulele

This image is of the Banjouke - Specifications - Measurements
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The SideKick banjo ukulele is a four string instrument. The 8″ (20cm) round banjo drum creates a bright and tuneful sound.

Like a standard ukulele it uses ukulele tuning and ukulele chords so you can play ukulele songs and banjo tunes straight away without ever being a banjo beginner. So you won’t have to learn any new banjo chords …  making the Banjo Uke perfect for both budding or experienced musician.

The longer, tenor fretboard makes playing ukulele chords easy, as chord finger placement is as spacious as on a guitar.  Many choose to use a Banjo Uke to compliment a guitar group playing guitar chords – the result is full and melodious! With guitar center, surrounded by Banjo Ukes, you will hear the Old Time tunes the way their composers originally intended, while enjoying the easy fingering of the tenor fretboard.

Although many believe the ultimate guitar /banjolele /ukulele sound combo to be found in the tunes of the 1920’s, we encourage you to blend these instrument combinations in modern songs.

To hear and feel the difference of the Banjo Uke SideKick, Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

  • BanjoUke Weight

    650gms (1.5lb)

  • Packaged Weight

    1.6kg (3.3lb)

  • Total Length

    64cm (25.19”)

  • Drum & Size

    7 Layer Birch, 20cm (8”)

  • Nut to 12th Fret

    00 cm (0.00in)

  • Fretboard

    Rosewood with Pearl Inlay

  • Neck

    Solid Mahogany

  • Number of Frets


  • Strings

    Aquila Supernylgut

  • Drum Head

    High Impact Polyvinyl

  • Drum Pattern

    Polynesian Tattoo or Plain

  • Tailpiece

    Nashville Fixed

Parts of the Banjo Uke SideKick

This image shows and labels all the parts to a banjoUKE
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The Banjo Uke SideKick is a tenor size instrument with four strings.  You can play chords on it like a ukulele, but the sound is bright and loud like a banjo.  We selected the longer tenor size fretboard to make it easier for you to play.  You can see the difference between the size of the SideKick and other ukuleles by going to our Size Matters page.

It’s light, easy to play, and looks stunning.  It comes out of the box without needing adjustments – every time. Just tune the strings and go.