It’s All About the Sound

BanjoUke SideKick – everything you need, nothing you don’t!!
It’s elegant, light, easy to play & has fantastic acoustics.

Just US $199.00 + US$20 delivered anywhere in the world.
A great value, beautiful sounding, tenor banjolele.

Let Your Ears Decide – Just Listen…..

OK, so you’re probably wondering, why a banjolele and why a Banjo Uke Sidekick?

The answer to the first is easier than you might suspect. 
You see, before ukuleles and guitars were in wide use, there were many banjos, and for a very good reason. 
Until the advent of electrified stringed instruments in the mid to late 1920s, banjos were the only strumming accompaniment that could be heard, unamplified, above the drums, trumpets, etc. in orchestras of the time. Many banjo players of those days were also superstars in their own right. 
In 1917 a gentleman with the elegant name of Alvin D. Keech modified the standard banjo into the “banjolele-banjo”, by dropping the top string (a drone G) leaving 4 strings to be played in the style of a ukulele, using ukulele tuning. This produced an instrument with much more volume and a tone that lent itself to a more accurate interpretation of the early banjo tunes than ukulele chords alone could deliver. Many artists, most famously George Formby, played a banjolele as their standard accompaniment, for what were essentially ukulele songs.

As for the Banjo Uke (forgive the dot points) because:

       owing to the one piece construction of the spine, each Banjo Uke arrives aligned perfectly and remains so for the life of the instrument

       a Banjo Uke SideKick weighs a mere 1.5lbs (650gms) so it is about the same weight as a ukulele – the lightest Tenor banjolele ever! 

       it is a Tenor.  The frets are deep and simple to chord, so beginner banjo ukulele players have an easy start!

       the high density polyvinyl head produces a clear, clean sound and is virtually indestructible

       the delivered price is the lowest by far for a precision Tenor banjolele

       the Banjo Uke comes complete with a padded gig bag, electronic tuner and all tools to set and keep your instrument in tune